Curtumes Pião

Curtumes Pião

 At the vanguard of portuguese leather fashion.

More than 50 years of experience

Eurico Lopes Marques first acquired the facilities where Curtumes Pião S.A. is currently established, back in 1963 and it was also back then when it first begun fabricating vegetable leather for shoe's soles applications. With the passing of times and the market's evolution (especially in the shoe making industry), new types of leather were introduced. Later, in 1996, following the modernization and consequent increase and improvement of processes as well as facilities, the company finally changed its designation to "Curtumes Pião S.A.".

In contemporary days, we still remain a family business, with the third generation being incorporated in the operational and management sides of business, heavily focusing on following up with our client's needs and demands as well as the brands which they collaborate with.