Curtumes Pião always had and still has the consumer’s well-being as a priority and as such we observe constantly if our products are up to our, and our client’s, standards regarding matters such as safety and quality. To help us complement this goal we focus greatly in our quick delivery times associated to a wide range of products, which, to this day, has granted us a place of distinction on the market. 

Facing the current situation of this industry and the increasingly intertwining of world economy, we look forward to increase information flow between consumer and producer aiming a gradual and never stopping improvement of satisfaction levels and efficiency.


As an organization, we wholeheartedly believe that the future lies in the interaction between consumers and producers. We believe that through this we would achieve greater levels of efficiency in our regard and satisfaction from our clients and consequently from the consumers as well. 

In an area well-known for its competitivity, we give relevance to new perspectives and tend to promote any interesting and new ideas that prove themselves to be achievable. The arts of leather tanning, dyeing, and finishing are a characteristic part our region’s culture and as such we will keep preserving and outdoing what can be called a legacy from our ancestors for as long as we can. Of course, this means we need to adapt constantly to keep up with new trends while making sure all processes associated can fit environmental, social, and quality standards.


As a family business, we always believed that an organization should function with a high sense of union and cooperation, a rigorous level of exigency regarding the product’s quality and a duty to promote creativity and free-thinking. We also transmit a lofty sense of environmental responsibility to our associates so that the entire productive chain matches the expectations of our clients as well as our own and other diverse standards. To this purpose we have already changed our operational process several times giving special attention to the monitoring and controlling of gas emissions and aquatic effluents with the support of qualified institutions.

We are also required to take extra care during the selection of our base products to make sure its origins are legitimate and has no strange addictions or other substances, and also ,if no illicit workforce was used like child labour, per example. As such, we give unconditional attention to our providers and associates so we can positively say that every single article that has been presented in the past or that has yet to be presented was, or will be, made with total integrity and responsibility.